Friday, January 13, 2012

{ this moment }

a friday ritual - a single photo - no words - a moment I want to pause - savor - and remember
inspired by soulemama

Ok. I'm gonna break the rules and say a few words.

If you're just visiting for the first time I have been recovering from pneumonia for the past month and a half. I am finally feeling better and catching up a bit. It is not easy with a toddler.

I plan on returning on Monday. 
I hope you'll return with me.



  1. Busy little bee!!!

    This is my first time here...and I will be have a beautiful blog. I hope you are resting, being kind to yourself and healing nicely.

    Here's my moment:

  2. a lovely moment. I hope you feel better -- We've been sick too and it's draining -- and we don't have pneumonia!
    (it's also my first time here - followed your link on Soulemama!)

    happy week-end!
    (here's my moment if you'd like to see it -- a sibling one!

  3. Lovely moment, I do hope you are feeling much better soon :)