Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kitchen Tour.

 We talked a bit about our space yesterday in the workshop.
Kitchen space that is.
I thought I would share some highlights of my space.
First, let me say, I am very fortunate and grateful to 
be able to do my thing in this kitchen.
I have lived in many apartments with rickety appliances 
and below average counter space.
So, in this season of my life, I am happy 
to say I have a wonderful kitchen in which 
to nourish family and friends.
It was completely gut renovated about 9 years ago.
Enjoy the tour..

Shelving space in the island provides a home for cookbooks.
Incidentally, I am just bringing them back out of hiding since this used to happen...

Why yes, that is a "bikini" onsie she's wearing.
I forgot all about that outfit.
Ah, memories.

I try to keep as many items in the pantry in glass jars. 
Some things stay in their original packaging as long 
as they can stand on their own.
I hate having bags of things piled up and hard to find.
I recently added that under shelf storage for 
potatoes, onions, garlic, and ginger.
It. is. priceless.
You may also notice the little white board on the door.
I use it to make my grocery lists.
As soon as I run out of something it goes on the board.
When I don't have time to transfer the list onto 
paper I just snap a pic with my phone and,
whammo, instant list.

This is the message center. 
You can read about that here.
It's not usually this clean.
But in a perfect world it would look like 
this all the time.

Pot rack.
Oh, how you've provided sweet sweet cabinet 
space for more kitchen gadgetry.
 More about how this came to be here.

I like to keep the mixer out because I'm more 
compelled to use it if it's in front of me.

Even the filtered water has a little space of it's own.

Here's a wide shot of the whole room.
You can see the corner of the skylight which provides
 amazing natural light.

So that's our kitchen. 
Hope you enjoyed the tour!

And, just for fun, here was yesterday's lunch
 A wrap crafted from all the little leftover 
produce scraps that were 
hanging around my fridge.
Shredded red cabbage, a handful of spinach, 
half an avocado, micro greens, 
a few slices of apple 
( a delightful addition I might add), 
and a couple of sliced cherry tomatoes.



  1. You are so organized! LOVE Your kitchen:)) ~ Barefoot Mama

    1. Thanks B. I'm a capricorn and apparently organization is one of our strong suits. My sewing room on the other hand...yikes. Hope you are well!!!

  2. LOVE, your kitchen!! You are an amazing mother, and wife....!! Kudos to you...xo

    1. Thanks Flo!!! Hope you are doing well in your new home! xoxoxox

  3. Loved the tour, so many great ideas - thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Kathy! I'm happy to share anything that can make our lives flow just a little bit easier. ; )

  4. Apple slice is a fab idea. I had my tahini sauce wraps yesterday and today. Couldn't do it without you!

    1. Why thank you!!! Hope you are doing well and gaining strength everday!! Can't wait to see that handsome little man again! ; ) xoxo

  5. I love your kitchen and I must get the basket that attaches under the shelf for potatoes. I end up putting bags of potatoes in the laundry room and forget about them until I smell them rotting. :) I am in the 30 day Vegan course too and my name is Jamie also. :)

    1. Thank you Jamie. I know what you mean about "missing" potoatoes. I like having these things all together too. Before they were all scattered in different cabinets. The shelf was super cheap too (under $5). See you in workshop!!

  6. What a beautiful kitchen! I am doing the 30 Day Vegan also and organized my utensil drawer, but can't tackle the pantry yet. We're moving in a month and I am just trying to use things up instead of organize, haha.
    LOVE the bikini onesie! Things like that are what make my day :)

  7. Love that pot rack! Unfortunately in my kitchen there is no place to hang it so my pots are taking up space in cabinets. That wrap looks wonderful!