Monday, May 16, 2011


The Painted Urn... sounds like a Polanski movie. But alas it is just one of my attempts to bring some much needed coolness (as in temperature of color) into our already very warm palette. You see we have lots of dark wood in our home. Furniture, cabinets, trim, floors, etc.. This urn was a wedding gift and I really like it's shape and even it's color if it were in a different home. We often put branches in it in the spring and watch them bloom. It's very dramatic.

Here it is before...

I taped off the strip of earthy detail...


and after.

The picture is a little blurry but it still looks nice all the same under some lovely Aboriginal art that G. brought back from Australia (which I might reframe in a more black gallery frame kinda look).

I cleaned the urn with some alcohol to remove any dirt or build up that would prevent the paint from sticking properly and I used Rustoleum Spray paint in a high gloss finish for this project. It took about three coats and required very little active work time on my part. The most timely part of this project was dry time. No effort needed by me whatsoever.

My advice: Wear a protective mask and make sure it's not going to rain!

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