Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2011 TDL: What's next?

Well here's the list again with just a few more items checked off.

1. purchase mushroom growing supplies and make preparations for logs
2. pot rack for kitchen
3. organize phone and message center in kitchen
4. clean and organize under kitchen sink
5. purchase supplies for maple tapping for next spring
6. new couch for living room and general living room design
7. paint dining room
8. figure out a better situation for shoes/recycling by the front door
9. finish reorganizing and clean dressing room
10. clean windows
11. start and finish handmade gifts for Jenny, Helen, Becky, Melissa, Allison, Carol, Sarah and Pat.
12. new lighting for Iris's room
13. organize and backup iphoto
14. clean out pantry and wipe down shelves and bottles (ANTS!!!)
15. find and purchase vintage ceramic egg holder
16. sort through wardrobe and donate, trash or repurpose
17. learn one new knitting pattern
18. learn one new crochet pattern
19. paint giant urn and candle stick holders
20. finish mending and repurpose projects
21. plant salad greens, tomatoes and kitchen herbs
22. keep blog up to date
23. start etsy shop
24. buy more vintage and handmake more of our clothing
25. run in at least two 5k's 

I posted about #19 here (although I neglected to include a picture of the candle stick holders, see below), finished a handmade project from #11 (it was a rush job so no picture) and plan on cleaning the windows (#10) just as soon as it stops raining. 

Cute, right?

I think #7 is on deck. All I need is a gallon of paint and some new rollers. I've decided on Rendezvous by Olympic. It's a nice subtle 
not-smacking-you-over-the-head robin's egg blue with a slight gray undertone.

Rendezvous is the top center color sample

#9 has been in progress for sometime and I will share some before and during shots soon. Complete after shots may be a little ways off yet. 

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