Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I grew up in Florida so for a portion of my life I didn't really see the seasons change save for a visit to the northeast to visit family.

But I've lived in Pennsylvania for 11 years now and this house for 7 years and have seen many seasons come and go.

Now that August is coming to a close I can see the light hitting the trees a little differently, the shadows are a little longer and the days a little shorter.

It doesn't make me sad to see the summer go (although come february...) but excited to pull out my fall boots, go pumpkin picking with the nugget, dressing up for halloween, stews, stuffed acorn squash, cable knit everything, knitting, cocoa, cocoa and knitting...well you get the picture.

Make these last days of summer count!

PS. I finally learned how to knit in the round! WOOHOO!

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