Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend in Review.

Well it was my intention to work on Iris's invitations this weekend and have a full post on that but my computer issue's continue to slow my progress. I did, however complete carving a block to stamp on the one side of the invite. I'm hesitant to start stamping before I print the actual information in fear that it might complicate the printing process. I also made 2 tissue paper pom poms. So there is progress... just very slow progress.

They're Iris in case you can't make it out

Tissue pom pom. Sooooo easy to make.

My workspace is poised for birthday action!

I've got the balloons so that I can make the pinata and I've started collecting old newspapers for my paper maiche. I'll try to complete that phase of the pinata over this next week and weekend.

I'm still trying to come up with a kick ass party favor idea that will please both boy and girl party guests so if anyone has any brilliant ideas please leave them in the comment section of this post.

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  1. Love the stamp! Some day Iris will look back on all the work you put into her parties to make them special and appreciate what a great Mom you are. Personally, the party favors I loved the most as a kid were either candy or toys. Didn't matter if they went with the theme or were cheap.