Monday, April 18, 2011

#2 ... no no nothing like that

#2 on the 2011 to do list was the pot rack. I suggested to husband that a pot rack  would free up some cabinet space to make room for a recently acquired and long awaited Kitchenaid mixer which was residing on the countertop. I was also able to stash the blender (also on counter) and a few items cramming up a shelf in the pantry. Now the counters feel more spacious and the cupboards ... less gridlocked. Deeeeeep breeeaaaaatttthh! Ahhhhhhh!

Where did this pot rack come from and why is there no before picture you ask? Well no sooner did I mention my idea and G-man was in full on project mode. He produced a piece of trim with the same finish as our cabinets leftover from the reno ( I thought that was a little matchy matchy but I'm not gonna complain about free), five old pot rack hooks (what the?), some hardware and chain within minutes. This pot rack materialized, no joke, in an hour. I went online and ordered 3 more hooks (Taylor & NG) and viola... pot rack!

Here it is again close up.

Now the phone and message center (directly underneath) just need a liitle spruce up and we'll be in business.

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