Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 4

We've talked a little in our group (fasting group that is) about not only cleaning out our bodies but our spaces as well.
It got me thinking about my 2012TDL.
1. Chalkboard paint and frame out the bulkhead in the kitchen.
2. Reorganize my Pinterest boards.
3. New curtains in the dining room.
4. New hummingbird feeders.
5. Laundry room renovation
6. iPhoto overhaul. Delete/Albums/Save
7. Empty at least 2 of Iris's "old clothes" containers.
8. Grow some of our own food.
9. Update/Reorganize some blog stuff.
10. Tap the maple trees

Incidentally, I made some serious headway on #7 on Day 1.
I needed major distraction and it offered the perfect opportunity.
Now I have bags separated into different people and a giant one for Goodwill.
I need to make one day a drop off day. Very soon.
Dry cleaning.
Replay (a second hand toy store).
Glass milk bottles.
You should see the back of my car. 
It's chaos. 
Organized chaos

Another thing I can check off my list is #10.
And there's sap to collect!!!
Today's forecast is supposed to be positively perfect for just such activities.

Back to fasting.
Yesterday started off pretty good but by late morning I was starting to feel some serious detox effects.
Oooooooo was I cranky and tired.
I took a nap during nugget's nap which I've been doing everyday, but that didn't help much.
Plus, she's got lots of new teeth busting through so she wasn't in the best of moods either.
It was rough.
I'm leaving it behind.
Today is a new day.
Day 4.

Some physical changes... obviously some weight loss.
My skin looks nicer and my hair is sooooooo soft.

I'm still partaking in a small raw/vegan meal at dinner time.
This was last night's creation.
Avocado, tomatoes, blueberries, hempseeds, cucumbers tossed in a little pumpkin seed oil and a drop of balsamic vinegar on leaves of butterhead lettuce and topped with some micro-greens.
I ate them like a little taco.

I have to go to the grocery store today to restock some supplies for my fast (which seems like an oxymoron) and for G.'s dinners.
That ought to be torture.
I'll be sure to have my daily smoothie before we go.


  1. oooh, those little green "tacos" look yummy!
    i laughed when i read about your going to the grocery store to restock for the does sound funny!!! (i'm headed there myself today;)

    as i type this, you've finished day 4 and are onto day 5! yippee!!!
    happy to have found you via our fasting group :)

    1. Thanks Michelle! I know my kitchen was a mess the first few days and leading up to the fast.
      Who knew?
      Now we're on Day 6!!!! YAY!

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  3. look at you! You're on fire! I'm afraid if I throw anything else out I'll be living with white walls and sitting on the floor--- which oddly sounds very cozy right about now. :)

    grocery store to it. I'm cutting store coupons right now for produce to juice. Crazy.