Friday, April 8, 2011

2011 To do list...

Since the feeling of being overwhelmed seems to be a running theme in my life these days I decided to make a to do list... for the year. Some of you are probably thinking that this will further complicate my daily life instead of making it flow a bit easier but I assure you if your mind works like mine... it won't. When I get an idea it tends to self pollinate and the next thing I know I have 20 new projects and I don't know where to start or where to stop and smoke starts coming out of my ears and finally I become disenchanted with all ideas and nothing gets done. What it will do (theoretically) is give me a set of goals to work towards (yay!) and parameters to work within (discipline) and still have that feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day (or year as the case may be).

dining room/studio
Here are the rules/guidelines that I have come up with so far:
The list will include everything from purchases, diy projects, gardening to cleaning and reorganizing. Oh and it will have a 50 item cap on it. Sounds high but it is for the year after all and some of the list items will only require a small energy expenditure. Also, some of the things on the list may depend on economical circumstances. If finances do not allow for an item to be checked off then so be it.

Here's what I have so far...
1. purchase mushroom growing supplies and make preparations for logs
2. pot rack for kitchen
3. organize phone and message center in kitchen
4. clean and organize under kitchen sink
5. purchase supplies for maple tapping for next spring
6. new couch for living room and general living room design
7. paint dining room
8. figure out a better situation for shoes/recycling by the front door
9. finish reorganizing and clean dressing room
10. clean windows

farm market fresh
Ok so that's 10. You get the idea and I'm sure some of it doesn't make sense. Fear not all will be revealed. I'll post the full list when I finish it and as each project gets checked off the list it will become a post here on this blog. Yay!

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