Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I haven't shared too many culinary adventures here yet.  A few but not many.
Last time I was grocery shopping I picked up a copy of Food and Wine. Something I hadn't done in a long time due to the growing household expenses. But I just couldn't resist this one. The cover featured mouth watering spicy grilled shrimp ( I don't even really like shrimp) that were not to be ignored.
I have yet to make the shrimp but another article/recipe caught my eye. The article is written by Frank Bruni, famed former NYT Food Critic. He takes his turn in the kitchen and writes about the triumphs, tricks and sometimes fails.

The recipe is Ricotta Gnudi with Chanterelles from Nancy Silverton's Mozza Cookbook

This recipe was easy and adaptable. The first batch I followed the recipe to the letter. It was lovely. The second batch I employed my mixer to do the "heavy lifting" and this time I rolled and cut them without the rolling-into-a-ball bit. They looked a bit more rustic and gnocchi-like but tasted just as wonderful. I also had some fresh peas and cherry tomatoes on hand and added them to the mushrooms. These dumplings are delicate so the less stirring and handling the better. Even though I'm not a fan of non-stick pans I found sauteeing the gnudi with the mushroom mix a better choice than stainless because the gnudi tend to stick to the stainless pan tearing your delicate little dumplings to bits.
 A squeeze of lemon really lifted the flavors in this dish.
I topped with some freshly grated parmesan and poured myself a glass of cold white wine.
I suggest you do the same.

The full article and recipe can be found here.

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