Monday, September 5, 2011

Kick Ass Kulinary Week!

I've been on a tear in my kitchen so I thought I would share with you some of the recipes I've been trying, have loved for a long time and things I always do.

Let's kick it off with this Stuffed Acorn Squash.
I loooooooove this recipe and it's so simple. I discovered it here on The Kitchn where it was adapted from a Dorie Greenspan recipe.

So here it is, my stuffed acorn squash recipe adapted from The Kitchn adapted from Dorie Greenspan. Follow?

First, get yourself some acorn squash (or grow your own).
One feeds two.
I recommend making two (4 servings total) as it is a great and easy dish to reheat.

Start by slicing your squash in half. I do it long ways because I think you get more stuffing space this way.

Scoop out the innards with a spoon.

Rub a little olive oil on the flesh and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Now you want to make your stuffing.

Tear up some bread minus the crust (about 1 1/2 cup) and place in a bowl.
Mix in some shredded gruyere cheese or whatever you have left over in the fridge. 
As the recipe suggests, this is a good time to use up odds and ends. 
Cook off 2 slices of chopped bacon.
When it starts to brown add some onion and garlic until translucent.
Don't forget to season but go easy on the salt as the bacon has a lot of salt already.
Add the bacon, onion, garlic mixture to bread and cheese. 
And here's where I add my own twist - I add some chopped walnuts (about a 1/4 cup).
Add about a tablespoon or two of heavy cream and mix everything together and stuff it into your squash like so.

Place face down in a roasting pan. I suggest you grease your pan so the stuffing doesn't stick. 
Roasting it face down like this creates a beautiful crust (see below for crusty goodness).
Roast for about 45 minutes.
Use a spatula to remove from pan so you don't lose your stuffing and turn over onto plate.

Dig in baby! You'll never look at a squash the same way again!

This recipe is so easy and delicious. 
I also think it's a great dish to serve to guests maybe along side a nice salad.

If I haven't explained a step clearly enough or you have questions please leave them in the comments section and I'll answer/explain anything you want.

I hope you enjoy this week of culinary goodness. 
More fun stuff on it's way!

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