Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another Quick Update.

Sorry for the sorry excuse for a post. 
But I love having readers and I'd like to keep you reading. 
We made it home from Florida safely and without incident save for a short wait on the tarmac on the flight home due to a security breech in our terminal at Newark (some guy decided to rip his shirt off and run through security...that's the rumor anyway). 
Iris barfed a few times while still in Florida and once when we got home. She manage to hose down Grandma's car, Grandma and Daddy in three days time.
THANK GOD she didn't puke on the plane! 
In fact, she was perfect on the plane.
She just snuggled in her carrier as I showered 
her with kisses and songs.
My feeling is at this point...ear infection. 
We're headed to the doc this afternoon to confirm. 
With that and the unpacking I will have fresh and full posts for you on Monday. 

In the meantime, please enjoy this photo.
Iris, Aunt Nicole and Grandmom.

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