Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 TO DO LIST!!!!

I finally sat down and wrote a few things in my notebook. 
Things I'd like to accomplish this year no matter how small or silly they may seem. A couple of them are carried over from last year.
Here is last year's list if you missed it the first time.
It keeps me focused.
This is what I have so far.
1. Chalkboard paint and frame out the bulkhead in the kitchen.
2. Reorganize my Pinterest boards.
3. New curtains in the dining room.
4. New hummingbird feeders.
5. Laundry room renovation
6. iPhoto overhaul. Delete/Albums/Save
7. Empty at least 2 of Iris's "old clothes" containers.
8. Grow some of our own food.
9. Update/Reorganize some blog stuff.
10. Tap the maple trees

Much shorter than last years.
I may add a thing or two, but then again, I may not.
I've got a jump on some of these things.

#2. I've started juggling some things around, deleting some pics, and generally just trying to make it make more sense ...
 to me at least. 
I even added a new board. 
I'm one of those Pinterest users who actually uses it the way it was intended, to remember ideas, recipes, products, fashion, and the occasional visual and verbal inspiration.
I've noticed with it's growing popularity that some people post total nonsense. No one that I follow, just stuff I see on the "Everything" page.
It's just one of my peeves.
Done ranting.

#8. I pulled out my seeds and some containers. We live in the woods but our back deck gets lots of full sun so it's an ideal spot for container gardening. I have a small herb garden in the front yard. G. (who is a stone mason) built it for me some years ago. 
I even called my local Borough Hall to contact the manager of the community gardens in our town.
Danielle and I belonged when we were in our early twenties and it was a blast. We grew some outrageously good tomatoes amongst other stuff.

Here's Nuggie watching Daddy move a small tree that was about to shade out my herb garden.
Don't you just love that sweater. 
It was hand made by her Aunty Allison!

If you look behind her you can see my herb plot.
A little worse for ware at the moment.

#10. Well, I got my supplies so I just have to tap.
That needs to happen soon.

So there it is. As promised.
The 2012 TDL.

What's on your list this year? I'd love to know!

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  1. I love the sweater!! She looks adorable, and there is tons of room there for her to grow into.

    (Oh and PS: I totally feel you on the Pinterest rant)