Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 TDL: Update!

I thought I'd kick the week off with an update
First, here's the list.
1. Chalkboard paint and frame out the bulkhead in the kitchen.
2. Reorganize my Pinterest boards.
3. New curtains in the dining room.
4. New hummingbird feeders.
5. Laundry room renovation
6. iPhoto overhaul. Delete/Albums/Save
7. Empty at least 2 of Iris's "old clothes" containers.
8. Grow some of our own food.
9. Update/Reorganize some blog stuff.
10. Tap the maple trees

#2. Done.
I added a few new boards and organized my pins accordingly.
Now I can find things easier.
I could go on all day about the silly things (in my opinion) that people pin.
 I don't understand why a scene from Twilight needs to be pinned.
Just me.
Just sayin'.
But I find Pinterest to be such a great organizing tool.
No paper.
No clutter.
I can link to infinite websites, tutorials, and blogs.
#7. Done and done!
Read more about that here.
#8. Progressing.
 I'm going to cross it off but it will really be a work in progress all season. I'll post some pictures just as soon as the work begins.
Danielle and I are planning a trip to the nursery today.
#9. In progress.
You may have already noticed I've deleted, and reorganized some things on my page.
I still want to rewrite the "about blog" and "about me".
Both these things have evolved and I want to update them so they reflect both blog and me accurately.
# 10. Over and out!
We didn't have much success getting alot of sap.
In the end I think we ended up with about 2 oz. of syrup.
But that's ok!
We learned alot (do's and don'ts) and from what I understand, because of this mild winter, nobody had a good harvest.

So things are moving forward and I'm very pleased!

We've been enjoying warm afternoons here out on our back deck.
Enjoying sunshine, spring blooms, and eachother.
Spring fever...the good kind!

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