Thursday, April 26, 2012

Morning makings.

Once again I find myself in the kitchen 
early as can be.
I love it.
I'm whipping up a little something for a friend about to bring new life into the world for the second time.

Butternut squash and swiss chard mac-n-cheese! Woot!


And after.
In all it's bubbling-golden-brown-goodness!
Nursing mama's need there iron.

One last fire on this chilly gray morning.

The aftermath.

Who could complain about dishes while 
surrounded by all this beauty?
Certainly not me.

And just because it makes me smile, and my last early morning "culinary adventures" ended in song, please enjoy this one.


  1. You should post the recipe because it's a winner!!! Thanks so much for making us a meal that we can all enjoy. Now if it was only labor inducing....

    1. I'll do that! Maybe Monday. I'm glad you all are enjoying it. I remember how nice it was to just pop something out of the freezer and into the oven!!