Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random Things.

I wasn't feeling too bloggy last week so I decided to
 give myself a break.
I like breaks.

I'm still working on my photography skills. 
Here's a little taste (punny!!) of my David Loftus FoodiePac from Hipstamatic.
Learning about lighting and some 
homemade tricks to 
help in that regard.

This little one seems to be enjoying dress up more and more.
Nothing like a mama made pillow case dress over organic terry pajamas.
It's a look worth rockin'.

I made this lovely concoction from one of my pins on Pinterest.
It's a goji berry lemonade.
Apparently, it's supposed to work like a liquid sunscreen.
I'm not sure if it worked but it sure does taste good.

And these two...

the best of friends!!

And finally, for a baby who felt less than 100%, 
a movie in a basket.

I want to start doing a kind of product review post once a month.
I've seen some things in the grocery store that have
 piqued my interest. 
I had a lightbulb moment.
It will also include anything from apps to cleaning products.
Look for that soon.

Enjoy every moment!!