Thursday, January 19, 2012


  This is the time that the little nugget decided to awaken our household this morning.
And so the house jumped to life at this ungodly hour, the cresent moon still visible through the back windows and the sky still dark.
A whir of foggy mindless coffee grinding (only for G.), tea kettle hissing, tea pots readied and dish washing ensued.
Then, some kind of inertia gripped me. I was set in motion and I could not stop myself. I didn't want to stop. A batch of flax crackers turned to proofing yeast for bread turned to making said bread turned to making almond milk turned to a pot of vegetable stock.

At approximately 6:30AM my kitchen looked like this.

Let's instagram it, shall we.
Everything looks so charming through a filter.
(There's a metaphor there somewhere.)

I  feel grateful for this burst of energy and motivation.
I feel closer to "catching up".
Though we never really catch up. Do we?
That's ok.
It's a reality I've come to accept and, dare I say, embrace.

The bread.
It's a recipe from Amanda Blake Soule's new book "The Rhythm of Family".
I'm not going to share the recipe because you should buy the book.
You can buy her books on her blog  or Amazon.

The flax crackers.
Experimantal recipe.
If they turn out good I'll share it.

The stock.
You can read about it here.

The almond milk.
I froze some of it in ice cube trays for later use in smoothies for Iris.
In particular, this recipe, which I am replacing the dairy milk with the almond milk.

And, for some reason I've been craving this song all morning.

With a nap in progress I think I'll do a quick clean up, make my self one more cup of tea and go watch last night's episode of 
Top Chef.

Enjoy your day!

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