Friday, May 4, 2012

{ this moment }

a friday ritual - a single photo - a moment I want to pause - savor - and remember
inspired by soulemama

I didn't capture anything worthy of a moment this week but I did stumble upon this oldie 
and just had to share.
Quite possibly my most favorite picture ever!


  1. love that beaming smile! have a great weekend!

  2. That is a great picture. I love when I find moments from the past I had forgotten. Thanks for sharing.

    Here are my two rediscovering the creek they know and love after the long winter's freeze.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. What a funny face! I love finding moments from before when my kids were younger.

  4. Great smile! What a sweet little face. Happy weekend!

  5. adorable! those big, sweet eyes, cheeks, smile...