Wednesday, June 6, 2012


There has been, and is going to be, quite 
a bit of celebrating around here.
First, G. and I celebrated our 6th wedding 
anniversary on Sunday.
June 3, 2006
We had a lovely dinner at one of our favorite 
french restaurants in 
New Hope followed by a 
shot and a beer in New Hope's 
most famous dive bar (John and Peter's).
Vichyssoise and Beet Carpaccio.

Nom Nom.
Second, is G.'s birthday party on Saturday!
It's a big one so it should be quite an event!!
I'll post when I can.

Can't wait to share all the birthday 
shenanigans with you.

You may have noticed our absence last week.
Well, I've been diving into the 30 Day Vegan workshop 
and my detox process (Eeek).
I also had an ear infection.

I also owe you a product review 
but with all the planning and prepping 
I think I'll put it off until next week.

I'm also going to start a new little segment 
about what goes down on
 Mondays around here.

As this blog matures I feel structure starting to form.

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