Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Have I mentioned pinterest before. 
If I haven't I'd be suprised. In fact, I'm sure I have.
Anyway I'll be participating in The (1st) Pinterest Challenge hosted by these lovely ladies.

Sherry from Young House Love
Emily from Style by Emily Henderson
Katie from Bower Power

There are no winners. It's just a challenge to take one of our many pins and good intentions and bring them to life and then share them with eachother. I'm not telling which pin I'm going to do ( mainly because I haven't decided yet). But this is a great jumping off point and a good excuse to break in my new workspace. A full post about that will follow tomorrow.

Look for the post on Tuesday for the final results and visit the blogs above for more pinterest fun!
You can follow me on Pinterest through the button in the sidebar. I'd love it if you would.
Happy Pinning!

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