Monday, August 15, 2011

Random things...

So it's been another whirlwind tour for us. 
The beach was wonderful. Iris just loves the sand now and has taken to chasing (on all fours) the seagulls. She doesn't mind a faceful of sand.

I planned on returning last Monday but with computer issues, a new iphone to get up and running (one having everything to do with the other... Jeesh!), trying to get organized from being away and everyday life with an energetic baby it just didn't happen. But we're here now.

Not a bad view huh? There is music and weddings in this gazebo every weekend. I'm really going to miss it there.

I added a little something to my dining room decor. This little round vase has housed some mementos from our travels (beach glass, smooth stones, shells, etc.) for some time but I added a little sand in the bottom from the beach where my Dad lives (pictured above). He'll be moving away from there soon so it was the perfect addition to a bowl full of memories. I know it's corny and it makes even me throw up in my mouth a little bit but at the same time it makes me smile and it has meaning to me.

This is me having fun with my new phone...

Gotta love that morning sun!

Since we've moved our dinner time back until Iris goes to bed (you we can actually enjoy our food) I've been whipping up these little snacks for us. A little cheddar, goat cheese, olives (black and red favorite), whole grain dijon, crackers and my latest edition but not yet pictured... organic medjool dates do the trick.

The platter was a 5 year anniversary gift from our BFF Danielle who also officiated our wedding. Apparently wood is the traditional gift for the 5th wedding anniversary. There's a joke there somewhere.

We were also able to do something else we hadn't done in a while... go to the library. I love the library! By today's standards it's an old fashioned concept. I love the hushed environment and the access to all the books I could ever want without paying a dime for them (unless there late of course but even then it's pennies on the dollar)

Must... learn... to... knit... in... round.

This is my happy place (below). I rarely get to hang here but when I do I'm usually....well...happy.

I even made myself a mini margarita. Ahhhhh summertime!

And finally, my main focus right now is Iris's birthday party. I bought some supplies for the invitations (can you tell I'm in love with instagram). So until then... no new projects unless they're birthday related.
I pained over a theme of some sort and I didn't want to go overboard on a first birthday (but still want to make it special of course) so I just chose colors. That's right, my theme is colors. Pink and green. All shades.  I'm still kicking around ideas for food. I'm keeping that simple too.

And I bet you can't guess what I'm doing right now...that's right, I'm at the the rain.

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