Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday in review.

Well I think the first birthday party was a success. 
There were some definite "moments". Some were even caught on tape/film (or neither, they were caught
I wanted it to be special but I didn't want to go totally overboard.
I think I pulled it off.
We kept the guest list small, served pizza and lemonade, and I made cupcakes (from a box) instead of cake.
I've mentioned I'm not much of a baker before. That's no joke.
Iris got great gifts too. It was a nice mix of clothes and toys and not to heavy on one side or the other.
I have this rule that if the toys start to overflow the toy box (one in the living room and one in the nursery, both pretty small) that we need to edit the toys (i.e. donate or give to friends). So far I've been able to keep to that rule. We'll see if I can do it as she gets older.

And now for those moments I mentioned:

Hmmmm...what's going on around here?


Taking the decorations down might have been her favorite part.

This has to be my most favorite of moments...

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