Monday, December 12, 2011


How is it December? How? How? How?
Well, I am just knitting my little heart out trying to finish the 2 projects I've got going.
One is taking precedence over the other right now as it needed to be finished yesterday...literally.
The other, not until Christmas.

Meanwhile I added another little feature to my workspace/dressing room.
From the door the the closet was about a 14" strip of unused wall space.
I used to have pictures hanging there but moved them to another wall in anticipation of doing a project like this.

Little tip... I used chalk to make my marks for the hooks. It wipes away easily.

I bought ceiling hooks and wooden dows at the size I wanted. 
This could vary depending on where and how big a space you wanted to do this in.

I envision it holding sewing-projects-in-progress or just pretty fabric.

Here's my little helper.

Here's the finished product.

As if this wasn't accomplishment enough I made this little mobile for Iris's room.

I bought the stars back in September for her birthday and with the impending holidays I thought it would be perfect in place of the butterfly mobile we had up in the spring and summer.

I used the inner ring to an embroidery hoop to attach the stars and used some clear string I had from my jewelry making supplies to attach it to the hook in the ceiling.

Yay for progress!
I've made some headway in my mending/alterations pile as well.
I'l be revisiting the 2011 TDL soon also. 
The year is almost over.
It's time to take stock and start compiling a new list.
I may even have a resolution or two.

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