Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Total Disaster.

It has been a trying 4 days. 
We have no electricity and no running water due to the snow storm that blew through on Saturday, quite unseasonably.

Note the weather channel in the reflection.

 Least prepared...the trees!

Still full of sap and leaves, they snapped and crashed and tore down power lines.
Thanks to all of you who have fed us, allowed us to shower and offered shelter in your homes.
Growing up in South Florida, I have a working knowledge of disaster preparation. 
I had the foresight to fill up the bathtub for flushing toilets) and any other empty container (for drinking or washing up) we had with water.
We were able to do some cooking of our own on the wood stove (coffee, eggs, stew).
It was kind of fun playing "Little House on the Prairie".
Don't get me wrong, I'm ready for running water.
But being unplugged (mostly) has been sort of ...cleansing.

Morning coffee.

My crowning achievement... beef stew with drop biscuits!

No TV. In it's place, knitting (lots of knitting), late night games of cards, backgammon and conversation.
It has been a welcome change.
Although I love me some television, it as been a personal battle to limit my time watching it. This was a sort of forced withdrawal.

Due to the lack of electricity, I couldn't work on my
Totally bummed.
Fortunately, I did get about half of it done before we lost power.
Whether or not I'll be able to finish in time is uncertain.

Here's a sneak peak!
During all this chaos and mayhem I have developed a sniffle which has sapped my energy. So the idea of scrambling to get this place cleaned up, once the power is back (which will supposedly be sometime today), and then sitting down to sew is slightly unappealing. You never know though, stranger things have happened.

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  1. Adorable Nugget pics. Also, playing Little House on the Prarie is one of my favorite things ever. I do it all the time up at the cabin!