Monday, March 26, 2012

Set in motion.

It was silent here last week. 
Mostly due to a sick little monkey who passed it on to me.
Ahhhh motherhood.
It was also a kind of transformative week as well.
My fast officially ended on Friday the 16th.
Part of that fast, as I mentioned before, is not only clearing our bodies of waste but our spaces too.
I had already had a few bags going.
One for Goodwill.
One for this friend and one for that friend.
#7 on my 2012 TDL can be checked off too.
My goal was to empty 2 of the nugget's clothes bins...I emptied all of them.
I cherry picked the items that were in excellent to new condition and gave them to friends and family who are expecting new little ones very soon.
Of course, I do have one box that I keep for very special items that I want to keep. Only to be passed on to my sister, Danielle, or Iris herself.
This is what the back of my car looked like the day of 
the "big drop".
I have to tell you, I have not stopped.
I already have two or three more bags going, for various distribution.

Now, back to the physical aspect of the fast.
I felt amazing.
I looked ....
how do I say this without sounding like a jerk...AWESOME!
The bloat.
The bags under my eyes.
Here's proof.
This fast gave me tools that I will use for the rest of my life.
More than the fast itself.
I recommend it to anyone looking to make a shift in there life.
I believe Laura Emily will be doing another guided fast in August.

We celebrated the end of the fast by trying a new restaurant. 
So me.
I had heard great things, and as it is a Mediterranean restaurant,
 I new I would be able to make healthy choices.
Zatter bread.
Oh my!

This little one loved it as well.
My adventurous little eater.

Spring cleaning is, and has been, under way around these parts.
I hope to keep it going.

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  1. so happy to hear that the goodness of that fast continues for you, in multiple ways. you look radiant in your photo above :)